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In addition to design and print we offer publication services: copy-writing, copy-editing, ISBN registration, marketing, storage and distribution facilities.

Modern printing techniques make short print runs of books and booklets feasible in a way that was economically impossible a few years ago.

If you are considering having a book printed then it can save you time and money by having an early discussion with High View staff. Some of the things you are likely to do may have to be re-done, and so your effort goes to waste. We will be pleased to provide a written quotation, but only in response to a written enquiry. (Why written?)

Some recent High View publications include:

The World of Dexter Cattle,* edited Sheppey, ISBN 0-948802-36-7

Tavistock Parish Church, Canning and others, ISBN 0-948802-38-3

Around Gunnislake, Ian Pethers, ISBN 0-948802 39 1
Around Tavistock, Ian Pethers, ISBN 0-948802 40 5

Society of Arts and Patents, James Harrison, ISBN 0-948802-41-3

Tamsyn Tremaine, Mike Hasshill, ISBN 978-0-948802-45-4 #
The Improbable History of Doniert - King of Cornwall, Mike Hasshill, ISBN 978-0-948802-46-1 #
O Happy Band, Mike Hasshill, ISBN 978-0-948802-47-8 #
The Penstock Rite, Mike Hasshill, ISBN 978-0-948802-48-5 #
Four Cornish Plays, Mike Hasshill, ISBN 978-0-948802-49-2 (# those four, above, bound as one volume)

Vita Sackville-West: Poet and Gardener - A Pictorial Life - 1892-1962, Ann Ravenscroft-Hulme, ISBN 978-0-948802-50-8

* now out of print
# these five are also available, to special order, as A4 spiral bound director's or prompter's copies - no ISBN issued - details here.

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