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In addition to design and print we offer publication services - ISBN registration, marketing, storage and distribution services.

Modern printing techniques make short print runs of books and booklets feasible in a way that was economically impossible a few years ago.

If you are considering having a book printed then it can save you time and money by having an early discussion with High View staff: some of the things you are likely to do may have to be re-done, and so your effort goes to waste.

We will be pleased to provide a written quotation, but only in response to a written enquiry. (Why written?)

Some recent publications include:

The World of Dexter Cattle *, edited Sheppey, ISBN 0 948802 36 7

Tavistock Parish Church, Canning and others, ISBN 0 948802 38 3

Around Gunnislake, Ian Pethers, ISBN 0 948802 39 1
Around Tavistock, Ian Pethers, ISBN 0 948802 40 5

Society of Arts and Patents, James Harrison, ISBN 0 948802 41 3

Tamsyn Tremaine, ISBN 978-0-948802-45-4 #
The Improbable History of Doniert - King of Cornwall, ISBN 978-0-948802-46-1 #
O Happy Band, ISBN 978-0-948802-47-8 #
The Penstock Rite, ISBN 978-0-948802-48-5 #
Four Cornish Plays, ISBN 978-0-948802-49-2 (those above, bound as one volume)

* now out of print
# these four also available to special order as A4 spiral bound director's or prompter's copies - no ISBN issued - details here.

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