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High View offers a number of products for retail sale, and consequently has an allocation of EANs for use. These globally unique identifiers are placed on our products as bar codes, according to the internationally agreed specifications.

We cannot sell or deal in barcodes for other people. Barcodes must be obtained by purchase from the central national registry. If we are selling an item, through the www or via one of our own trade or retail outlets, we may allocate one of our EANs and a barcode if it sensible to do so. It is becoming essential to do this as more retail outlets instal computer-linked cash tills. Trade distributors will not contemplate handling goods that are not so identified.

If you have a product - typically greetings cards or postcards - that you would like us to sell then please discuss all the implications with us. If we allocate an EAN for our own use there is no reason why you, our client, should not also avail of the same EAN (since there is no confusion over identifying the product), and we will generate the appropriate barcode. Our fee for this service may be included in our service costs, or even waived, depending on the type and size of order that you place.

(Updated September 2007)

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