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We have been framing pictures at High View ever since we started trading - and our craftsman has been mounting and framing for more than fifty years. We would be pleased to enhance your pictures and images: the skills are not forgotten, nor do we tire of them.High View picture framer at work

For all bespoke work High View uses acid-free materials (especially mountboards and backing boards) of conservation quality. We also frame to museum standards, with pure cotton rag boards and "expensive" glass (it makes a difference). Where it is appropriate our economy framing meets with approval from critical eyes.

We source and use environmentally friendly materials, and avoid unsustainable tropical hardwoods. Indeed it is now difficult to source these, since moulding manufacturers can only source appropriate wood. Artificial materials are now used to make some very attractive mouldings, which are hard to differentiate from the more traditional ones. Whilst there is some satisfaction to be gained from the thought of using-up old burger boxes we are old-fashioned, and prefer wood.

Please contact High View if you wish to have further details: but do bear in mind that shipping glazed pictures so that they arrive in one piece can be expensive: we can use styrene if required, but that has disadvantages.

We will also have some hints and tips which we hope will be of benefit to our potential customers and other friends keen to enjoy a professional finish to their work.

Your work is valuable: we provide a receipt and job number. An indication of timescales is available.

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