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From High View, just above Gunnislake, looking southwards, we can see Bere Alston (in Devon, above the chimney on the left), mist in the Tamar Valley (the boundary between Devon and Cornwall, just at the tip of that chimney) and the Tavy Valley (just over the hill from Bere Alston, flowing to the right), and then on into the Hamoaze (the tidal area of the mouths of the rivers Tavy and Tamar, joined later by the river Lynher -in Cornwall- and on to the sea via Plymouth Sound).

Between Staddon Heights and the Maker and Rame peninsula is a glimpse of Plymouth Sound, with the English Channel beyond. The Brunel suspension bridge, and the Tamar suspension bridge can be also be seen, if you know where to look (almost in the centre: a contrast enhanced image of these can be seen here).

Mist lies in the valleys of the River Lynher to the extreme right, and onwards towards Callington, Liskeard and Looe (all out of sight, but in the far distance to the right hand, westwards, side). Misty mornings help to identify the location of the valleys - there are plenty of them in the locality, just as there are chimneys from disused mine engine houses.

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