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Fifty years, or so, ago, the glossy national magazines, such as Country Life and the Illustrated London News, ran beautiful coloured whole page advertisements for the Norwich Union - in the days when good colour printing was rare. They featured stunning pictures taken around Norwich. They made a lasting impact on us!

For many years the South West's own newspaper, the Western Morning News, has printed a similar feature, with a different daily Western Morning View running to full page width. This brightens up the centre of the paper - and presents a challenge for the many talented photographers in the region. Once a year two dozen of the best pictures are picked for a glossy calendar, to hang on walls throughout the world for the following twelve months. Nowadays a very substantial prize of a high-end digital camera is offered for the best picture of the year.

Competition for publication in this daily newspaper slot is fierce. Quality is always good, and the picture editor has a difficult task on most days. He has also got to find a balance between landscapes and sea-scenes, and between views from Land’s End to Taunton and Plymouth to Ilfracombe.

With e-mail and modern digital cameras it is easy to take and submit pictures. It's fun - have a go! Details for submission are printed every day in the WMN. Tips on the style required can be gleaned by looking at the submissions over a week or two - for example they are always views, rarely with any people in the foreground. It is important to note the format - it is not as "square" as is taken by many cameras, and so some trimming is required to maintain a good, wide, composition.

We, at High View, have contributed for many years (since the days of "black and white"), and we are pleased to show some of our submissions here. We can provide prints of our image at any size or quality, framed, or as post cards or greetings cards. Contact Bernard Harrison for further details. (All our images have a unique six or eight digit reference number - please quote that if you can!)

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