High View Sample - Outdoor Photo Shoot

This selection of pictures shows a typical commercial photographic job undertaken for a client: in this case preparing possible marketing materials for construction industry equipment.

Komatsu PC450 pneumatic excavator on hire from HE Services

The Komatsu PC450 excavator is one of the largest available in Europe. This particular machine was brand new, working on the Tiddy Brook Meadows site of Redrow Homes in Tavistock. With clean livery and bright sunshine it presented an ideal opportunity for some stock shots of the digger in action.

PC450 pneumatic excavator by Komatsu

The 3.5m3 bucket makes short work of filling a truck - two and half scoops provides a full load.

Komatsu PC 450 pneumatic excavator

It doesn't take long to turn a mountain into a molehill!

Komatsu PC 450 digger

Komatsu PC450 pneumatic excavator

Just one of those arty-against-the-light shots.

This project was commissioned by Shaw & Underwood Advertising Services working for H E Services and Komatsu.

High View can undertake commercial photography like this for you, and present the results in a variety of ways. Ask Bernard Harrison for further details.

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