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Catalogue for Artist's Show

This is a fold-out listing for a gallery exhibition by artist Masako Whitehouse (www.masako.co.uk). It was to be used both as a publicity item and in particular also as an invitation for a pre-view for the exhibition. (It was a great success - we like to think we played a part in that!)

Some of the design features we had to consider were that the catalogue would have to be prestigious, should fit snugly into an envelope, and we had to be able to be print it in-house at High View in small quantity - without the prohibitive set-up cost of an offset litho print-run.

It has been digitally colour printed on an Oki press (X Press on Demand 360º - supplied by DTP Associates) onto an ECF FSC 270gm board, Replica Digital - supplied by Howard Smith Papers (http://www.hspg.com/). It fits into a C5 envelope (with matching paper stock from Howard Smith) such that it still counts as a Small Letter under Royal Mail rules. By printing in-house we were able to obtain artist's approval for colours, and then be certain that the finished article matched the approved proofs.

Invitation card printed by High View for Masako


High VIew catalogue card for Masako

Retail costs

These vary with length of time to design and prepare your artwork. It is likely that we will have to set it in our own software, since then we know what we are doing. (So do not spend ages doing it all yourself in, say, Word.) We can usually produce these at less than £3 each (VAT paid - it has to be at the Standard Rate) for a run of 100. If this is within your budget - enquire further.

Production notes

The card measures 1076mm (42") x 155mm (6"), folding down to 220mm (8.5"). It was printed 2-up. The press takes widths up to 320mm and lengths up to 1200mm. The board we used comes, conveniently, in a 320mm wide roll, from which we cut to size before hand with a hand guillotine. A fair bit of bench space is needed each side of the printer. Although we stood over the press for most of the time the feed was automatic through the by-pass top-tray. Registration for duplexing is good. Creasing was done in a hand creasing machine, using the tick marks (visible in the pictures above) to correctly register the creases. Once creased we guillotined into halves, and then trimmed 2.5mm off the outer edges to reach the required finished size. Costings for such a job should allow for cutting the material from the roll. (Allow up to a minute per 1076x320 sheet. Be prepared to set up a jig of some sort.) Handling the long and awkward sheets requires some patience.

High View can design and print materials like this for you. Ask for details.

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