Poppy - a sample Appointment Card

Appointment cards are useful in so many ways: they serve to remind the holder of an engagement, and of the telephone number to call in case plans have to change. By adding a picture of something interesting they are more likely to be kept safely, and in an effort to save resources there can be encouragement to re-use the card several times!

In addition to all these uses an attractive card enhances your image, and serves as a useful and inexpensive marketing tool. Our experience shows that pretty cards are not thrown away for some time - they tend to hang around, acting as a reminder of you and your services. They are often used for recommends - "I've got the phone number on their card, it's just here somewhere, I'll give it to you..." Some people use one of these instead of a business card, either for a fixed time - or write "ring me to make a date" on the card.

Poppy appoinment card sample from High ViewHigh View sample of an appoinment card

An Appointment Card sample from High View

This card is printed by four colour offset litho on one side, and black on the other. The card used is 350gm silk art card, with gloss coating on the face side. It is slightly lighter than our business cards, and this means that there is a modest cost saving over the business card. We will be pleased to quote for an exact price, once we know your needs, and we can allow for any artwork preparation. The cost, excluding VAT, for 10,000 is between 2p and 3p each (depending on how much preparatory work we have to do). We have a wide selection of suitable images, for which we make no charge, or we can use your own pictures or logo, or take a photograph for you to order.


High View can design and print all sorts of cards for you. Ask for details.

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