Order of Service for a Funeral

At High View we are able to produce work in a short time frame when required - a typical example being for the order of service for a funeral.

Should you have need for this facility please do not hesitate to contact us (telephone 01 822 833 500). We will let you know if we are able to devote resources to your task in order to meet your timescale.

High View can design and print service sheets, on card or paper for you, in large or small quantities from one onwards. We can provide proofs by e-mail. We have a contract with a reliable courier who delivers within the UK on a "next day" basis: it is sometimes appropriate to deliver direct to the undertaker.

Ask Bernard Harrison for further details. We do not normally provide samples of orders of service, but they are very similar in style and appearance to our range of greetings cards and invitations.

The cost of the order of service is a legitimate charge against funeral expenses. This has two implications that it may be helpful for the bereaved to know. Firstly the cost can be met from the deceased's estate. Secondly the deceased's bank is allowed to settle the invoice immediately from an appropriate account, without the need to wait for probate and other testamentary matters to be dealt with.

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