Inkjet or Laser Labels from High View

High View can provide plain or overprinted address labels for use in laser or ink-jet printers. Most are are on A4 sheets, with permanent adhesive and die-cut round-cornered labels. We also supply labels of other sizes, circles, or with square corners. We can make bespoke labels of any reasonable size or colour. Our most popular lines are shown below: click on an image for further details.

65up label sheet from High View24up label sheet from High View14up label sheet from High View8up label sheet from High View

The above diagrams show the layout for labels on A4 sheets. The layouts are now standard A4 sheets, and templates are available in most software packages that offer support for label printing. Alternatively we can print labels for you by laser or inkjet, or for larger quantities by litho.

Labels do not have to be white - we can offer pastel tints or bright fluorescent eye-catching colours, and gold and silver shades.

We supply these in any quantity, from single sheets upwards. You are welcome to mix-n-match the various sizes that are available, to find what suits your needs best.

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