High View - Gunnislake Scarecrows, 2004

As part of the annual Gunnislake Festival in 2004 a scarecrow making competition was held.

The standard of creativity and workmanship was very high, and over 50 entries were dotted around the village: in gardens; shop windows; and on the pavements.

Gunnislake Scarecrows - butcher, copyright High View, 2004Gunnislake Scarecrows - miner, copyright High View, 2004Gunnislake Scarecrows - Titanic, copyright High View, 2004

First prize went to the butcher on the main street for his portrayal of a dog running off with a string of sausages. Second was a miner, emerging from a hole in the ground. Third was a portrayal of a well known scene from "Titanic".

Pictures of these, and all the others, can be seen on this web site, and high definition post cards size prints may be purchased from High View (payment with order, minimum order £2): write to Bernard Harrison at High View, Moorland Way, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9EX.

A further selection of pictures is available, and the 2005 scarecrows can be seen here.

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