Tamar Valley Panorama

One of the High View photographic specialities is that of preparing panoramas, or extreme wideangle images.

Tamar Valley in the mist - 200 degrees of rotation.

The sample image above shows a view of the Tamar Valley shrouded in early morning mist. The route of the valley is difficult to ascertain at other times, since the valley sides are densely wooded, and not easy to see from the banks or above. The river, already far from its source and mature in size, enters the valley from the left of this picture (the camera is pointing, roughly, northwards, the river flows, broadly, southwards). It then flows to the right, under the mist, until it reaches the English Channel at Plymouth (looking southwards, near the right hand edge of the panorama).

The canoes of the Delaware Adventure Centre can be seen on the left of this picture, and shortly after that, to the right, the horizon line is broken by Brentor. Then the skyline shows some of the tors of Dartmoor, with the television mast of South Hessary Tor hardly showing at the low resolution of this version of the picture.

To the right of Dartmoor the outskirts of Plymouth are seen, close to the horizon, with just a glimpse of Bere Alston showing through the mist. One finger of cloud tops hangs over the more distant Tavy Valley as it merges with the Tamar in the Hamoaze.

The cliffs on either side of Plymouth Sound can just be seen. To the right of that the mists of the tidal creeks around Saltash and the Lynher Valley show.

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