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Our address is High View, Moorland Way, Delaware, Gunnislake, PL18 9EX, Cornwall, UK. (Map)

We do not have a telephone sales desk.

Our telephone number is (+44) (0) 1 822 833 500. It is available all the time. If we are engaged on other matters, or out of hours, an answering machine will take your call after about eight rings. Please leave a brief message to identify yourself, and the reason for your call, so that we may prepare ourselves and call you back. We try to ensure that the phone is promptly answered by a suitable person between the hours of 10am-noon and 2pm-4pm daily. We do reserve time during the working day for staff training, meetings, research, and uninterrupted work. During these times the telephone may be answered by the machine: please leave a message.

We reserve the right to charge an extra fee for consultation beyond a simple query by telephone or mail. We will notify you of this beforehand if it is likely to apply.

Fax, mail, and e-mail have the advantage of being quick, and permit both parties to deal with matters at their own convenience. Telephone calls assume the availability of the recipient. Placing orders, or taking notes of proofing corrections by telephone puts us in the position of writing down your requirements to your dictation. Please set matters down, clearly, yourself, and send them to us by fax, e-mail or by post. If you wish us to take notes to your dictation over the telephone, acting as your secretary, then we make a charge for it, since it is not costed into our main price list. To cut down on the junk received, our fax service is available by prior arrangement only.

All our staff have mobile phones, but the numbers are reserved for our own use.

Our e-mail address is mail@highview.co.uk We subscribe to a spam-filtering service. It is very good. Spam e-mails (several hundred each day) are deleted before they are sent to us, and we never see them. There is a possibility that genuine enquiries may be filtered into oblivion by this automated system. If you do not receive acknowledgement from us within a short space of time please re-submit and use a different subject line. To reassure you over this we always reply to all e-mails received.

Our specifications and pricing assume that orders will be made by mail or e-mail, and that there will be no need for discussion or for our consultancy services which would fall outside our fee structure. For many jobs the time taken in administration and discourse can outstrip that for doing the job. Whilst we are happy to help and advise clients with matters they are unfamiliar with, we do expect them to have made their own preparations, and not to involve us in discussions relevant to their own taste. (One bride and her mother called. They quickly chose paper and typestyle for the order of wedding service; then they asked us at length which hymns and lessons they should choose. This is an extreme example - but similar events happen frequently.)

We encourage payment by BACS or other electronic means such as PayPal and NoChex (both of whom will accept credit cards). Further details are on our payments page.

If you wish to discuss any matters please contact Bernard Harrison - one of the partners. He will do his best to help.

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