High View - Alphabetical Reference List

We list here a selection of our printed products. Where an item is for sale then details of how to buy it are given, but the outlets may not www-oriented. Other items are shown as examples only and are not available for general purchase.

There is also a numerical listing.

BCPS - Connemara Stallion 114470

Bob Sawyer 114439

Clark, Jeannie 114470

Connemara Stallion 114470

Gunnislake Scarecrows

Luff, Nick
- Freighter in Falmouth Docks 114438
- Rubble Heap Quarry 114439
- Tivvy Bumper 114400
- Ada at Wheal Josiah 114401

- Connemara Stallion 114470
- Cart horses at Rubble Heap Quarry 114439
- Dartmoor Pony 114382

Jeannie Clark 114470

Nick Luff, see Luff, Nick

Pethers, Ian
- Cotehele House in Spring 114360
- Cotehele House Chapel in Spring 114359

Renzi, FW 114420

Robert Sawyer 114439

Sawyer, Robert 114439

Sayer, Lady
- Dartmoor Longhouse 114381
- Dartmoor Pony 114382

Steam Locomotives
- Freighter in Falmouth Docks 114438
- Tivvy Bumper 114400
- Ada at Wheal Josiah 114401

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