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There are numerous ways of turning a bundle of loose papers into an attractive work that can be held in the hand and admired. Some of these binding techniques can easily be undertaken at home, others require a little equipment, some require specialist tools and knowledge.

Strict definitions of the headings above, and similar words such as Pamphlets, Journals, Diaires, Logs, are hard to come by, and we choose here on our HighView WWW site to categorize only those that might help to pointreaders into the direction they wish to go.

Single sheets of unfolded paper can be bound-up in many ways, often called loose-leaf
Folded sheets (folios) make booklets (codex style)
Bundles of booklets bound together make books (multi-section books - traditional binding)
Single pages glued together (perfect binding)
Books, are pre-prepared printed publications, whereas
Albums and Scrapbooks normally start life with plain, blank pages
Diaries relate to pages printed with days and dates ("Day-a-page", "Week-to-view")
Log books, similar to diaries, are more formal, used for recording events as they happen (often as a serious legal requirement)
Journals are much like diaries, but without the pre-printing of daily pages.
Volumes may refer to single or multiple books (in a posh way, as also tome), better used for a series of related books, such as a dictionary - conveneitnly printed over several books
Edition refers to a book as at a particular time. "First Edition" need not be used to describe a book until such time as there are further editions.
Printing can sometimes be confused with "edition". "Second printing" or "Reprinted 1957" should refer to copies of a book which are identical to the first printing. To make material changes to the book before reprinting it is to make it a second edition. "Reprinted 1957, 1958, 1960 (twice), 1962..." is used to suggest popularity of a work (and also the publisher's failure to anticipate correctly the demand for a work)
Publisher is responsible for many aspects of book production, usually to relieve the author of the work involved

High View is able to supply advice (and the necessary kit) for this, or we will undertake the work for you. Bigger books, or larger quantitites, require the services of specialists: High View has suitable trade contacts and will be able to advise or make introductions. We also have many years experience of compiling, writing, editing, printing, binding, and publishing books.

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