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We can make button badges, or lapel badges, or necklace-hanging badges in a variety of formats. We can provide you with the materials for making them yourself, or we can do everything for you.

Button Badges

Button badges come in several standard sizes. Depending on the size various novelty backings can be arranged - the full range is only available on the 57mm diameter badges.

Current costs for these are given - please add 1+2+3, below.

(1) Design

Costs vary with complexity, number of proofs, and how much original work we have to do. Allow £5 for a modest badge. Some of our regular customers, for whom work is already available, pay nothing for design.

(2) Badges - 57mm (2.25 inches) in diameter.

For quantities up to 100 we charge the following prices - VAT has been included. The prices are in pence, and orders have to be in even tens of one kind. For orders over 100 we will reduce the costs for established customers only. Click on the item for an illustration. Other sizes - details later.

50p pins
55p mirrors
60p magnets
65p keyrings
70p keyring and bottle opener
75p keyring and mirror.

(3) Carriage

We charge this at postal rate cost, with a maximum of £10 per drop. We may, from time to time, despatch by our own carrier rather than Royal Mail. There is no increase in charge for this - it is sometimes more convenient, when we are busy, since they will call to collect. Please also remember that although postage stamps are VAT free we do have to charge VAT on the cost of carriage: that is the way the system works!

Lapel Badges - details to follow

Hanging Badges - details to follow

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